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Quality Chocolate evokes a warmth, a taste that’s delicious as it melts in your mouth. Whether it be dark, milk or white the crack of the chocolate as you break it off the bar gives an anticipation of taste not to be matched.

Enjoying chocolate, the way I do I was eager to bring to the Lowveld a selection of excellent chocolates. This I have manged to do. In the Lowveld I sell Geldhof quality Belgium Chocolate. The chocolate has all the attributes described above and standard bars, and presentation packs are available as well as a range of novelty chocolates such as lady’s shoes, boots, cars, etc. This makes chocolate a gift for any occasion.

In addition to this we sell compound cooking chocolate as well as superior couverture chocolate. Pair any of these with wine, coffee or your favourite meal. You won’t be disappointed!

All of the above has been readily accepted by the discerning chocolate eater in the Lowveld.